We specialize in concrete sidewalks, walkways, patios, slabs, footings, foundations, walls ,floors and machine pads. Concrete driveways are made with a class A concrete, which is a 4000 PSI mix or better. Minimum of 4″ thickness or greater broom finished. Reinforcement wire mesh or rebar depending on the thickness and expansion joints is also used to help further protect from cracking.

Patios, walkways and sidewalks are all generally done the same way. We make it a minimum of 4″ thick and a minimum of 3,500 PSI mix. Broom finished or hand floated with wood floats with reinforcement if needed. We install expansion joints throughout the project to further help protect against cracking.

Footings and walls are all made with class A 4000 PSI mix or stronger. Reinforcement rebar is used vertically and or horizontally in the walls and footing to ensure stability and longevity. We smooth trowel finish or broom finish on the floors. There are 2 styles we can use to form out footings. First is trench footing, monolithic poured. 2nd is a formed wall foundation with a key Chanel footing. 2 part wall, key Chanel footing is poured first then the foundation wall is formed and poured on the key Chanel footing. This method is the used for most engineered walls and home extensions.

Machine pads are built to manufactures specs, class A 4000 PSI mix or stronger, monolithically poured. We can excavate the area by machine or by hand depending on what is necessary. The floors are wet saw cut.

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